Bunions are complex deformities that can be very painful. Foot Care of Northeast Arkansas are pleased to offer a new, patented treatment for bunion correction-Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction.

What is Lapiplasty®3D Bunion Correction?

Lapiplasty® 3D Bunion Correction is an advanced surgical procedure that corrects a bunion by rotating the entire deviated bone back into its normal anatomical position. This is done using specially-designed instrumentation, naturally straightening your toe and removing the “bump” and associated pain. Innovative plating technology is used to permanently secure the unstable joint. Most patients are able to walk within days of surgery. No cast is required; allowing patients to get back to the shoe wear of their choice and activities quickly.

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Lapiplasty®Patented Titanium

The Lapiplasty®Procedure utilizes two low-profile (petite), anatomically-shaped titanium plates to permanently secure the unstable foundation of your corrected bunion. This provides buttressing on multiple planes and allows you to walk within days of surgery. Think of this in terms of how a basketball player might hold a basketball. When a player tightly grips the ball with both hands, the ball is held more securely than if only one hand is used.

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Get Back on Your Feet Quickly

Recovery From Lapiplasty®

A typical recovery timeline is detailed below. However, timepoints and doctor’s orders vary based on each patient’s condition. Be sure to ask your doctor what your particular recovery protocol will look like.

Within Days

Begin to put some weight on your foot1

Next 4-6 Weeks

Walk in a boot and return to daily activities

At 6-8 Weeks

Transition back into comfortable shoes

At 4-6 Months

Resume most activities and return to normal footwear

Changing Bunion Correction for Good

The Positive Effect of Lapiplasty®

Americans are affected by a bunion deformity.

of Lapiplasty® patients maintained their 3D bunion correction at 13 months.1

average days for Lapiplasty® patients to begin bearing weight on their operative foot in a boot.1

clinical publications directly support the Lapiplasty® procedure.

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